• Two Year Midwifery Course leading to BS Midwifery
    • Practical Nursing (Two year Program)
    • Six-Month Care Giving (NC II)
    • Four to Six Months Medical Transcription (NC II)
    • Health Care Services (NC II)
    • Barangay Health Services (NC II)
    • HOTEL & RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT (Two year Program)
    • Food & Beverage Services (NC II)
    • Housekeeping (NC II)
    • Commercial Cooking (NC II)
    • Household Services (NC II)
    • Front Office Services (NC II)
    • Automotive Servicing (NC I)
    • Automotive Servicing (NC II)
    • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (NCII)
    • Computer Systems Servicing (NCII)


    • Glenn Salvacion
    • Michelle A. Bello
    • Palma A. Sarapuddin
    • Vivian Elvira M. Abilla
    • Ronalee B. Teng
    • Jose Maria A. Cariño
    • Feraida V. De Leon
    • Princess M. Pulmano
    • Fauzia A. Kasim


    The Department of Technical Education will become the main technical vocational training center for health sector, Tourism Sector and Industrial Sector in Zamboanga Peninsula and neighboring region.


    Is a Technical Vocational Department and a Certified assessment Center providing quality training through relevant RLE (Related Learning Experience)/ OJT (On-the-Job Training), Updated modules and cost efficient technical Vocational programs with highly competent instructors producing dignified, dedicated and competitive skilled workers for local and abroad.