Southern City Colleges Seal

The seal of Southern City Colleges epitomizes the school’s pedagogical role as embodied in its vision and mission. It is designed after its lofty ideals to enrich the culture through the cultivation of thoughts. The circular scalloped edges represent the eight division of Region. The green circlet that bears the name of SCC stands for its goal to mould the minds and develop the holistic and personality of the individuals The core that contains eight (8) stars symbolizes the courses. The torch signifies knowledge & wisdom. Its flame means the school’s ardent pursuit for quality education. The rays indicate that education is for all. The vinta represents Zamboanga City. The wing represents the aspiration to soar high. The wheel represents power that drives the whole institution in the attainment of the school’s vision and mission. The line means long history of struggle and success of SCC. The color green represents hope and continues progress. While golden yellow signifies success and achievement the school envisions for all. In short, the seal symbolizes Southern City Colleges’ commitment to give quality service through education to its clienteles.

Courses Offered

TESDA Programs

Kto12 High School