School Facilities

With its groundbreaking held during the Founderís Day on August 24, 2008, the new IT building aptly named after the schoolís founder houses the new Library on its second floor, the College of Computer Studies on the third floor and the SCC gymnasium at its roof.

The Araceli F. Caliolio Multimedia Center serves as the new library for the school as the old library was renovated and housed in the old building after the fire which destroyed the original in 2004. The new facility serves as a venue for seminars and the like as its spacious interior is convenient for programs and exhibits. It also includes a Virtual library where students can access the internet from private cubicles.

The third floor of the FMC IT building houses three computer lab facilities. Two basic computer laboratories serve as the facilities for the instruction of basic computer subjects in the different departments in Southern City Colleges. The computer units in this laboratory are used to cater the computer subjects in basic Office applications, and Medical Transcription.

empowerment: The Skills Lab. The goal of this interactive area is to equip the caregiver students with the tools needed in his or her own training. Because treatment often extends beyond the walls of the hospital, caregivers need basic skills such as connecting, disconnecting and caring for the catheters and pumps used for the administration of changing dressings, and administering injections. These are just a few examples of procedures that are taught in the Skills Lab. The skills lab is equipped with the basic home facilities which will prepare caregivers in initiating healthcare to their future patients at the comforts of their own home.

The SCC Theater is a state of the art Audio Visual Room which can accomodate 80 persons, suitable for seminars and special events. The theater is furnished with authentic theater seats donated by the historical Plaza Theater of Zamboanga City. Reservations may be made at the SCC Library through the Librarian, Mr. Benhur Asid.

The Southern City Colleges Speech Laboratory is considered as one of its kind cutting edge facility in Zamboanga Peninsula. It is because it is propelled by Digital Broadcast Teaching System (DBS) the first of its kind ever deployed in the city. The system has all the feature of providing all standard capability in training prospective call center agent students utilizing multi phased curriculum integration. Usage of this system does not only give comfort and functionalities but also provides leisure experience through user friendly dashboards and consoles. The system proportionally tones Southern City Colleges into a decibel of audible standing in providing standardized call center setup. With at a height of digitally equipped broadcasting facilities as well as interactive multi-media teaching system bundled as one package in order to emphasize the delivery of a good sounding venue for training speech and other related activities.

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