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Southern City Colleges is an institution that has withstood the test of time, surrounding the educational challenges of the millennium. It stands on the pedestal of its fulfillment as a pioneer in private vocational education and an authority in galvanizing exemplary bachelor degrees. Over the years, it has continuously served as a school for the masses.

Southern City Colleges has bequeathed to the society outstanding educators, respected engineers, competent CPAs, efficient customs brokers, eloquent media men, hardworking secretaries and stenographers, intelligent lawmen, dedicated employees of private and public offices to mention a few. These are product of the school that started it all – Southern City Colleges.

Time flies and it has brought SCC to the peak of its mission, fulfilling every individual’s dream and aspiration. SCC’s educational thrust is anchored on social objective – a blend of service and social satisfaction. Thus, SCC has established its name in the entire Zamboanga Peninsula and its neighboring cities and provinces.

SCC was and will always be a school for regular and working students as it presents itself with a unique system called Terming Schedule which is so unique that it becomes a hallmark of school goal of equal education which results into better opportunities for all. It opened its gates of opportunities to those who have less in life. SCC has turned out quality graduates who have made names for themselves in their chosen fields of endeavor.

From the humble shack in Bailen Street in 1946, to where the school firmly stands today in Pilar Street, to its newly acquired property and recently inaugurated Southern City Colleges West Campus (formerly Mein College) along the bustling San Jose Gusu Road, to the opening of a massive driving school in Barangay Divisoria, SCC has successfully traveled its way onward; unstained, confident, steadfast, and unshakable. It stands triumphant amidst the storms of life, in its mission of educating the youth of the region.

Celebrating its sensational achievements in the realm of academe, its undying commitment to the education community, Southern City Colleges scintillated it immortal vision to help the sons and daughters of Zamboanga, building an unprecedented empire of educators, CPAs, political leaders, policemen, secretaries, customs brokers, media men, and workers in the various spheres of employment including those who work overseas.

SCC will forever remain in the hearts of those who have been educated here and those who will soon be graduates of this school because it is a precious opportunity and a privilege to be touched and molded under the umbrella of a school that does not just care for them, but a school that gave the fulfilling sense of being home, of inclusion, and of sure future and of life in full colors.

Southern City Colleges is the finest name in affordable education, a hallmark of premium education.

(This article is an excerpt of the original article “Southern City Colleges at 60: Surmounting the Educational Chalenges of the Time”. First published in Southern City Colleges Publication for its 60th foundation anniversary, 2006. Under due permission from the Author Dr. Expedito H. Malbago.

Dr. Expedito H. Malbago is a high school alumni of Southern City Colleges. At present, he is a full time college professor of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) and a part time college professor of Southern City Colleges (SCC),

Updated and edited by Escritor, Associate Editor for Website Component of La Voz the official publication of Southern City Colleges under due permission from the Author Dr. Expedito H. Malbago.)

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